Forget Casual Fridays, the latest trend in pre-weekend office and work wear has arrived, and it’s much fancier than the bourgeoisie business casual we’ve come to know and…well, feel somewhat ambivalent about. Yes, it has finally happened: Bow Tie Fridays is here!

Across the country, newscasters, college students, cubicle dwellers and many other trendsetters have been joining in on Bow Tie Fridays, with dashing results. There are even multiple Facebook fan pages dedicated to this new dapper phenomenon, where users can post pictures of themselves wearing bow ties celebrating their creative versions of this classic style.


Bow Tie Fridays seems to be a public backlash in response to the slowly progressing and somewhat depressing dressing-down of the American workforce. People used to “dress for success” and “dress to impress,” but now we have offices full of men wearing sneakers and cargo pants, and women who look like they’ve come straight from clubbing all night to the office for work (perhaps after a quick stop at Starbucks for a pick-me-up). With the Bow Tie Fridays movement, people are attempting to bring a little bit of much-needed class, elegance and pizzazz back into men’s daily fashion.

But that’s not to say that Bow Tie Fridays is just for men. Oh no, ladies. You can buy and wear bow ties too, with just as much style and grace as the next fellow. Rather than choosing a scarf or necklace to go with that button-up shirt you’re planning to wear, why not accessorize with the a bow tie in complimentary colors instead? Or wear it out after work as a cute choker “bow tie necklace” with a T-shirt, tight jeans and heels for a fun, punky vibe. Wrap a bow tie around your wrist for a completely original wristband-style bracelet. Quick, easy, and delightfully eclectic, a bow tie can allow you to instantly become a mysteriously fascinating, revolutionary gal. As long as you are willing to own it, having an original style you don’t see on every other woman in the bar is sure to get you noticed in all the right ways.

First made popular in the 1920s and 1930s, the bow tie lost followers over the next few decades, but has been experiencing a resurgence of admirers and wearers as of late. Typical examples of bow tie wearers in popular culture have generally ranged from slightly geeky popcorn-selling gentlemen like Orville Redenbacher to wacky cartoon-ish characters like Pee Wee Herman, but the tides seem to be turning for the bow tie. People are starting to remember the more dignified days of this men’s neckwear and giving it the respect it has always deserved.

The bow tie was once a symbol of refined distinction and old-world style, but because they are no longer common neckwear, a bow tie can now symbolize a bold and courageous man, and someone unconcerned with the opinions of others. Something about a bow tie exudes confidence from the wearer, and a devil-may-care attitude that many may find intriguing.

Some gentlemen prefer the conservatively-colored and patterned bow tie styles like solid, plaid, stripes, seersucker and dots, while others love to express their fun side with ties festooned with golf balls, martinis and holiday-themed novelty designs. Bow ties are available in the self-tie version for seasoned bow tie veterans and adventurous types, or pre-tied if you’re a convenience kind of guy. No matter which style you prefer, a bow tie offers the wearer a pop of color and an air of charm and adventure not as easily achieved with more traditional men’s neckwear.  

Bow Tie Fridays is an exciting new trend sweeping the country and a tip of the hat to the classic days of elegant men’s wear. Pick out a bow tie that best represents your personal style, and give it a shot this Friday. And don’t forget your matching pocket square, you dashingly handsome rogue, you.

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