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As the spa industry evolves, mobile spa services continue to gain popularity. The growing demand presents unique challenges when it comes to liability. Mobile spa insurance, however, can help spa owners remain on their feet, even while dealing with the inherent risks of running a spa. Mobile spas encounter different risks than traditional brick-and-mortar spas, and insurance needs to account for those differences.

Top Mobile Spa Insurance Coverages

Insurance for any business needs to consider the company’s specific services. The size of the spa and its features can alter how much insurance a company needs to have adequate protection. For example, a traveling barber may have different needs than a traveling esthetician.

General Liability Coverage for Injuries & Property Damage

Whether a client slips and falls during a massage or equipment damages a client’s property, general liability insurance helps protect mobile spa businesses from potential lawsuits and financial losses.

Property Coverage for Equipment

Property coverage protects equipment, supplies, and inventory from damage or theft. Whether it’s massage tables, skincare products, or electronic devices, property insurance helps mobile spas recover financially in the event of equipment loss or damage.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance, also known as malpractice insurance, provides coverage for claims of negligence or errors. This coverage protects against allegations of improper technique, allergic reactions to products, or other professional errors or omissions.

Business Interruption

Business interruption insurance helps mobile spa businesses recover lost income and operating expenses in case of a covered disruption, such as a natural disaster or vehicle breakdown.

Off-Site Services

Marine Agency offers off-site services automatically. Off-site coverage protects spa technicians when traveling to and from client locations.

Mitigating Risks as a Mobile Spa Services Provider

As spa services gain popularity, mobile spas should implement several proactive measures to mitigate risks while providing services.

Client Consultations and Training

First, spas should conduct thorough client consultations to understand each individual’s specific needs and health conditions. Additionally, spa technicians should have proper training to help mitigate accidents and allow technicians to receive certification. Spas should hold all appropriate permits and licenses to operate legally and comply with local regulations.

Safety Protocols and Maintenance

All spas need clear protocols for sanitation and hygiene. Additionally, all equipment and vehicles should have maintenance checks to avoid malfunctions or breakdowns.

Emergency Response Plan

All businesses should have a comprehensive emergency response plan that addresses unexpected situations. Emergencies can include a client who has an adverse reaction to a facial, earthquake, or national disaster.

Client Education and Documentation

Encourage spa owners to educate their clients about all potential risks and precautions before, during, and after services.

Maintaining clear documentation and detailed records of client interaction, incidents, or complaints will also help your client in the case of fighting a liability claim.

Ensuring Safety on the Go With Mobile Spa Insurance

Insurance agents are crucial in helping mobile spa businesses navigate mobile spa insurance coverage and risk management. By understanding their specific insurance needs, brokers can help tailor coverage to individual clients. 

A proactive approach to risk management is always a more affordable approach. Contact us at Marine Agency for more details!

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