Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

Because of the pain and inconvenience often associated with waxing and shaping eyebrows, eyebrow tattooing has become very popular. Many salons and permanent makeup businesses offer eyebrow tattooing services to their customers. While permanent makeup is becoming more common and acceptable, permanent makeup problems & accidents can still occur. If you are offering eyebrow tattooing services at your business, it may be time to consider insurance for cosmetic tattooing to your risk management plan. It can cover your business and your employees in the case of an accident or injury related to cosmetic eyebrow tattooing.

Why Do I Need Permanent Makeup Insurance?

Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

If a customer is unhappy with the eyebrows that have been tattooed on them or if they are injured during the tattoo process, he or she may decide to file a lawsuit against your business. If you do not have insurance coverage to protect you, you may have to pay money out of pocket for court costs or a settlement; you could lose your business and find yourself in trouble financially and legally.

If you have permanent cosmetics insurance that covers your business and the tattooing service, the insurance company will take responsibility for the injury or accident, and you would not have to worry about the financial aspects of a lawsuit. Your business would be protected, and you would be able to focus on growing your company and perfecting your services instead of worry about the consequences or result of a customer’s lawsuit.

What Kind If Accidents Can Occur?

Of course you are operating a safe business, but accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, regardless of how careful you are or what safety precautions you are using. Consider everything that is involved in the eyebrow tattoo procedure. There are many opportunities for accidents with your tattoo and permanent makeup artists.

Injuries And Infections

Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

Customers could have an allergic reaction to the ink used for the tattoo or even contract a disease or suffer an infection as a result of a dirty needle or workspace. If a needle scratches or slips, it can injure a customer and ruin the look of a tattoo.

Skin infections and allergic reactions are the most common problem associated with any type of tattoo or semi-permanent makeup. Symptoms can include redness, soreness, or an itchy rash. In severe cases, blood poisoning can occur, requiring hospitalization.

Anytime a customer is injured or becomes ill as a result of a tattoo or any procedures that occurred at your salon, your business is at risk of being sued. You may be responsible for doctor’s bills, procedures and treatment necessary to heal the injured and any pain or suffering the victim may try to claim.

Unsatisfactory Results

Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

A customer may even try to sue a business or salon if they are simply not happy with the look or quality of an eyebrow tattoo. Some people go into the eyebrow tattooing process with unrealistic expectations or demands and are hard to please. There have been cases where eyebrow tattoos have turned out just downright horrible and when this happens; the customer is likely to sue.

Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

Common tattooing mistakes include eyebrow tattoos that are too thick or large, tattoos that are now shaped properly, are too long or tattoos that are positioned too high or low on the natural brown line. Most people want their tattooed eyebrows to appear natural and with any of these mistakes occur, the eyebrows look fake and unnatural.

Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

Some lawsuits have more grounds than others, but insurance is always your best protection against any type of accident or lawsuit.

What Happens If I Am Sued And Don’t Have Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance?

If you are sued by a client or customer and do not have insurance, you are basically on your own and will have to deal with the consequences and results of the settlement on your own. The employee who was responsible for the procedure or accident could be sued, your company or salon could be sued as a business or you could be sued as the owner. If a judge determines that your salon was responsible for an accident, injury or faulty procedure, the victim could be awarded a settlement that you would be responsible for paying. you could even lose your business or professional licensing and have to close your business.

Although most people who choose to have their eyebrows tattooed on or filled in with a tattoo are happy with the results there are some who have been hurt, injured or deformed because of an eyebrow tattoo procedure. There are laws that protect salon clients and give them the grounds to sue a salon if they feel the procedure they received caused them harm. If you are a salon owner that offers eyebrow tattooing services or other permanent makeup services, you should understand that things can and do go wrong with permanent makeup procedures.

The best way to protect your employees and your business is to purchase an insurance policy from a trusted insurance company such as Marine Agency Insurance.

Trusted Insurance for Cosmetic Tattooing

So, how much does permanent makeup insurance cost? Call 800-763-4775 for a quote today! Marine Agency offers insurance policies for salon owners, day spas, tattoo shops & microblading studios, and body piercing studios. With policies designed to fit the needs of all business owners, Marine Agency Insurance can help you with all your cosmetic tattooing insurance needs. 

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