Personal Trainer Insurance & Yoga Instructor Insurance

As a Personal Trainer or Yoga Instructor, it is your job to assist clients to meet their fitness goals. Your unique profession requires you to keep a balance between helping your customers achieve their goals and their safety in order to reach their maximum fitness potential. It is a gratifying business to be a part of, but it also comes with some risks. This is where investing in personal trainer and yoga instructor insurance is a worthwhile decision.

Medical emergencies and accidents can happen to anyone at any time. This is why you have to have yoga and fitness instructor’s insurance. There is a high chance that at some point you may be faced with a situation where you have to defend your practice from claims that are made by a client. In addition to having the proper insurance for personal trainers in place to protect you as an instructor, you can best minimize risk by assessing your client’s health risks through screenings. You want to evaluate symptoms or signs of any risk factors such as family history or disease. There is a specialized form that can easily assist you pre-screen your clients to prevent overlooking significant health information such as the PAR-Q & You form.

In such a litigious society, even when you are not at fault, an injury or accident with a client can escalate quickly into expenses to the tune of thousands of dollars for legal fees in a liability claim.

Specialized insurance like Professional Liability Insurance, also referred to as Malpractice Insurance, can cover the cost of legal fees. Your business insurance policy will also cover any types of settlements or judgments that come as a result of lawsuits and claims against you. Your policy can even cover any lost wages due to the time and process of a claim.

It is vital that as a Yoga Instructor or Personal Trainer you are aware that most studios don’t have a personal training, or yoga instructor insurance policy that will cover you as an individual. Usually, the gym or yoga studio has a particular form of general liability coverage that will not cover you specifically as the teacher. Also, there are many locations that will require that you acquire your own individual insurance policy if you teach at various venues.

To qualify for insurance you:

  • Should be a Certified Personal Trainer who can provide evidence of certification
  • Can be an uncertified Personal Trainer
  • Are a Yoga Instructor

The following activities are ineligible:

  • Certified High School or College Athletic Trainers
  • Coaching competitive athletics
  • Instructors younger than 18
  • Instructors based outside the United States
  • Physical Education Teachers working within school systems
  • Insurer

Depending on the type of instruction you practice, your yoga and personal training insurance coverage may vary. Marine Agency can best evaluate the activities you perform in order to determine the kind of policy you need, and if you need more than one policy for the variety of activities. For example, most insurance policies don’t cover aerial or acro-styles for Yoga Instructors. Other circumstances may also require additional coverage such as doing anything in relation to nutrition or wellness.

Marine Agency’s optional coverage offers:

  • Equipment coverage. This is an Inland Marine insurance product that provides coverage for your equipment and contents up to the specified limit.
  • Hired and non-owned automobile liability coverage. This liability coverage provides protection for borrowed, borrowed and other non-owned vehicles operated during personal training business.
  • Increased aggregates. This option raises the maximum limit of liability insurance from $1,000,000 to larger set amounts.
  • Sexual abuse and molestation. This personal trainer insurance product provides coverage for claims arising out of alleged sexual misconduct, such as abuse or molestation.

As one of the top insurance companies in the industry, Marine Agency has specialized professional liability insurance for personal trainers and yoga instructors in order to meet the particular needs of the fitness profession. This fitness trainer liability insurance coverage is available to instructors at reasonable premiums.

Marine Agency’s personal trainer insurance program provides great protection for the policyholder against claims of bodily injury liability, personal and advertising injury liability, and property damage liability, along with the litigation costs to defend against such claims. The program provides coverage up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and requires no deductible. Coverage is offered through the Sports and Recreation Providers Association Purchasing Group provides this personal trainer insurance coverage.

Essentially, the cost of insurance is nothing like the expense of a lawsuit that involves an injured student. It’s important to keep in mind that coverage includes lawsuits that result from:

  • Spectator death or injury
  • Participant death or injury
  • Volunteer death or injury
  • Property damage liability
  • All activities essential to conducting training
  • Incidental medical malpractice
  • Ownership maintenance or use of practice areas or fields
  • General negligence claims
  • Costs associated with investigation and defense of the claims, even those that are groundless
  • Corporal punishment

Although your policy covers most claims, there are exclusions such as:

  • Molestation or abuse (unless optional coverage is secured)
  • Aircraft
  • Liability from asbestos exposure
  • Terrorism
  • Practices related to employment
  • Nuclear energy liability
  • Pyrotechnics activity
  • Total pollution
  • Bacteria and fungi
  • Diseases such as HIV and AIDS
  • Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy
  • Hepatitis
  • Lead poisoning

All of the exclusions listed above are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

As with all professions where an accident or injury may cause a claim against you, there are unforeseen circumstances that a Personal Trainer or Yoga Instructor might encounter, which is why insurance for yoga teachers and personal trainers are completely necessary.

Contact our trusted team today to see how we can help and learn more about the benefits of personal trainer and yoga instructor insurance!

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