Once thought of as a radical body modification, body piercing has now grown to be a socially accepted art form and is now more popular than ever. People of all ages and social classes can now proudly sport their favorite piercings and because of this, piercing studios are opening up all across the country. On a whole, these specialty body modification shops are small and privately owned. This means that shop owners have a great opportunity to make an impact on their community with a lucrative specialty service. Owning this type of small business still carries a few specific risks, so it is important that shop owners invest in comprehensive piercing studio insurance coverage to protect their assets and their customers.

Protect Your Business with Piercing Studio Insurance Coverage


Who Needs Protection?

In the US alone there are over 21,000 tattoo studios that include piercings or work closely together with nearby piercing studios. With all of those great options, millions of Americans are getting pierced each year. This specialized type of coverage ensures that shop owners are better able to protect their customers and their business against common liability claims and other issues. Body piercing coverage is also designed to help body piercing shop owners keep their businesses running smoothly and keep their profits up.

Common Body Piercing Issues:

  • Infections
  • Metal Hypersensitivity
  • Boils & Abscesses



Infections can occur when microorganisms like fungi and bacteria invade the skin during the piercing process because the body tries to prevent the infection by sending white blood cells to the area, redness and swelling are very common. If left untreated, the area can become increasingly irritated and may need antibiotic treatment.

Metal Hypersensitivity:

While more experienced clients should be familiar with the different types of metals used in body jewelry, many new clients may not be aware of any allergies that they have. Hypoallergenic metals can put less strain on the body but even with experience and care, some clients may still experience issues.

Boils & Abscesses:

These common piercing issues can arise when bacteria invades the tissue surrounding the piercing. Boils are usually less severe but can rupture if left untreated. Abscesses are much more dangerous and often form when a new piercing does not drain fluid properly. Though they may heal on their own, clients should be urged to consult their doctor for treatment options.

Liability Coverage That Can Protect Your Business

The safety of your clients should always be put first but that doesn’t mean that owners should skip investing in insurance coverage for their business. Lawsuits against these types of businesses continue to rise as more shops open around the country. This type of coverage is ideal for protecting against court-imposed fines, legal fees and general liability claims.

Coverage does vary from state to state but some of the most common coverage options may include:


    • General Liability – Protects against personal injuries and property damage sustained by clients.
    • Professional Liability – This coverage protects the business owner and employees against malpractice.
    • Communicable Disease Liability Insurance – Clean equipment and sterilized needles are the most important tools used in a piercing studio. Business owners are responsible for the safety and health of their customers and in the event that a lawsuit is filed, this coverage can protect you, your employees and your business.


Additional Insurance Options

While liability coverage is important for protecting your business against personal lawsuits like malpractice claims, property damage coverage can protect the actual studio itself. Keep your assets safe from the worst possible situations with property insurance (burglary, fire, theft) and building insurance. While these options will vary depending on where your business operates, be sure to contact Marine Agency to purchase a policy today!

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