You Need To Know These Holiday Light Safety Tips for Your Home  

The holidays are an exciting time, but they can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful when decorating. Holiday lights present a fire hazard that can quickly turn your festive display into a deadly blaze. Here are some holiday light safety tips to help you avoid problems and enjoy the season with peace of mind.

Don’t use holiday home Christmas lights that haven’t been tested for safety.

If Christmas lights haven’t been tested, there is a chance they will malfunction and start a fire. When purchasing Christmas lights, make sure everything you buy has been tested for safety and labeled accordingly. If you have older lights that were not tested for safety, throw them away.


Check all Christmas holiday lighting for signs of damage.

Before you put up any lights this year, check each strand carefully for any signs of frayed wires, bare wires, cracked sockets or any other type of damage that could pose a fire hazard. If you find any damaged lights, replace them to prevent a potential disaster.

Limit the burden on your extension cords.

Never put more than three standard sets of lights on a single extension cord. Putting more sets of lights on a single cord can lead to electrical issues that may start a fire.

Christmas tree with lights 

Keep lights off metallic trees.

If you have a metallic tree, even the best holiday lights can become dangerous. When you place lights on this type of tree, the tree can become charged with electricity if any of the lights are faulty. If the tree is charged with electricity, anyone who touches it could be electrocuted.

Fasten outdoor holiday lights securely.

Prevent the wind from damaging your outdoor holiday lights and making them hazardous by fastening them securely to your home, trees or any other structure you want to decorate.

Exterior photo of home with christmas lights and decoration

Turn off lights when not in use.

When you go to bed or leave your home, turn off all of your holiday lights. Otherwise, a fire may occur when you aren’t around to supervise.

Be vigilant with candles.

When it comes to fire hazards, candles present a much greater risk than other types of holiday lighting. However, because of the ambiance they provide, many people still like to add them to their holiday displays. If you choose to use candles, make sure that you place them in non-flammable candle holders. Keep your candles away from wrapping paper, as well as any other items or decorations that could be flammable. Never use lighted candles on a tree, and make sure your candles are in locations where they cannot be knocked over or blown over.

Use fireplace screens.

If your home includes a fireplace that you plan to use during the holiday season, keep flammable materials away from the fire. You should also keep a screen in front of the fire at all times.

Logs burning in chimney 

Consider hiring a professional.

If you plan to have an extensive Christmas display, or if you just aren’t comfortable working with lighting on your own, consider hiring someone to help you with holiday light installation.


Review your homeowners insurance.

Even with all of the proper precautions, a fire or another incident can still occur during the holidays. Before this season begins, review your homeowners insurance coverage to make sure your house is protected.

Key Takeaways

  • Holiday lights can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions.
  • Don’t use any lights that are damaged, and make sure all lights have been tested for safety.
  • Keep flammable materials away from open flames, and turn off your Christmas lights when you aren’t around.

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