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Whether you’re opening a new spa or you’re trying to optimize an existing one, skincare is your bread and butter. Ensuring you have the spa best products designed to deliver an exceptional experience to customers not only increases the likelihood they will return, but also that they will refer a friend. However, how do you know what products you’re missing, or should be using are? 

Here are the must-have skincare products for your beauty spa. These spa skincare brands will help keep your customers’ skin looking bright and beautiful, all year round.

Facial Care

Best Spa Products for Facial Care

Few things go hand-in-hand as well as facials and spas. Just the idea of a spa conjures up images of a person at the height of relaxation, their face slathered in some complex concoction and cucumbers over their eyes.

Facial peels and cleansers exfoliate, hydrate, and generally improve the look and feel of your skin; who wouldn’t want that? If you want to wow your customers, invest in these facial products:

Professional enzyme complexion peel masks

Facial peels are some of the most invigorating experiences you can engage with at a spa. While chemical peels do a great job, they can be rather harsh for some people. Enzyme peels have a similar level of efficacy but are more gentle. They’re growing in popularity so make sure to have them in stock!

Mud masks

Mud and clay masks are great exfoliating products, as the ingredients are extremely gentle on the skin. Plus, there’s just something so satisfying about removing them when you’re done, revealing the beauty of fresh, soft skin and pores underneath. Always have these on hand!

Retinol creams

After cleansing, applying retinol and other antioxidant topical creams is critical to hydrate and retain the glow of youth that facials provide. Retinol creams, in particular, are some of the most luxurious facial treatment products you can provide, and speak volumes about how much you care about your clients.

Hair and Nails

Hair and nails treatments are another huge part of your client’s needs. Whether you’re removing unwanted hair, styling someone’s gorgeous locks, or dressing their nails, these are your must-haves:

Chemical hair removal

While there are effective hair removal products that your clients have access to at home, they’re paying you to do it better than they could. That means choosing high-quality products and being experts in how to use them is extremely important. When you’re going for a chemical hair removal treatment, choose products by Satin Smooth, Gigi, or Lycon for professional, repeatable results.

Eyelash extensions

Whether for prom, a wedding, or just every day, eyelash extensions are fun and beautiful. Check out the line(s) by Minkys, Xtreme Lashes, or Bella Lash for head-turning products your customers will love.

Nailcare and more

Everyone loves a new set of nails, and going to a spa to get it done is a particular treat. For the best results, check out products by Essie, CND, and SpaRitual.

CBD Infusions

There are few things hotter in the last 10 years than the increasing presence of CBD extracts. There is a lot of buzz around this hemp-derived chemical, and how it can help increase the health and glow of your skin. Having CBD products on hand, from facial creams to moisturizers and hair care products, will help you tap into the client base that wants to truly go to the next level of aesthetic care.

Best Spa Products in Use

Key Takeaways

Serving your clients requires professional-level product lines, both in-house and available to purchase. If you want to impress your customers, boost your business by ensuring you have the best spa products like:

  • Plenty of peels and masks.
  • High-quality retinol creams and conditioners.
  • Professional-level hair removal, eyelash extension, and nail care products.
  • A wide range of CBD products for the skin and body.

Invest in The Best Insurance with Marine Agency

As with caring for your customers, you need to ensure you’re picking the best insurance for your business as well. Marine Agency has been serving spas like yours for years, and we bring all of that industry-specific experience with us when we serve you.

If you’re only minimally covered, you might be opening yourself up to serious potential risks. From professional liability (malpractice) to business interruption coverage – a necessity in these uncertain times – there is a wide range of coverage available to suit your needs. Contact us today for more information and speak with an agent about insurance that can help give you peace of mind.

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