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Medical grade facials and peels differ from standard facials in peels significantly. The results of these medical grade procedures are usually more noticeable, but the level of risk associated with a medical grade facial or peel is also higher. Any establishment performing effective medical grade skin peels or facials needs to prepare for this risk by purchasing an appropriate amount of insurance coverage.

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What Is a Medical Grade Facial?

A medical grade facial uses medical grade facial products and tools. These facials usually follow the same steps as a standard spa facial, beginning with cleansing and ending with moisturizing. However, each step of the process uses a higher grade of product, allowing for a more intense treatment experience and better results.

Medical facials are usually tailored to meet the needs of each individual client and what will work best for them. They may include other medical grade services as well, such as ultrasound treatments and dermaplaning, which is a procedure used to remove the top layer of the client’s skin. In addition, medical grade facials may also include laser resurfacing or injectable dermal fillers.

What is a Medical Grade Peel?

A medical grade peel is similar to a standard spa peel in that it is designed to remove skin cells. However, the products used in medical grade peels are much stronger. A standard spa peel typically uses up to a 30 percent glycolic peel, while a medical grade chemical peel may utilize products with strengths of up to 70 percent or more. Clients who want more noticeable results may opt for a medical grade peel over a standard spa peel.

Considerations for Spa Owners

If you plan to offer medical grade chemical peels and medical facials at your establishment, you are likely to attract a larger clientele. Because these services use higher-end products and provide better results, you will also be able to charge more for each service you perform. Over time, this can significantly increase your profits.

However, it is important to note that offering medical grade chemical peels and facials is not without risk. If mistakes are made, the products and tools used to perform these services can cause a lot more damage to the patient’s skin. In addition, some patients with more sensitive skin or other conditions may experience negative results even when you are performing these procedures properly.

Medical Grade Facial Products by Marine Agency

Buying Insurance

In order to protect yourself and your establishment from loss, you need to invest in a substantial amount of insurance coverage beforehand. The right insurance policies will protect you from liability in the event that a client files a claim against your establishment because of the results of a medical grade facial or peel. You can also purchase insurance to protect the expensive equipment you use to perform these services. To determine what type of insurance you need, contact an experienced insurance agent to discuss your establishment’s activities in detail.

Key Takeaways

  • Medical grade facials and chemical peels use medical grade equipment and products to provide clients with better results after treatment.
  • Medical grade facials and chemical peels are more intensive, which means the chance of adverse outcomes is greater.
  • To protect themselves from loss, establishments that provide these services should invest in the proper insurance coverage.

If you own an establishment that offers medical grade facials and peels, or if you are thinking of adding medical grade facials and peels to your list of services, getting the right insurance coverage is essential. Please contact Marine Agency today to discuss your needs or to learn more about the coverage options available.

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