Complete guide to body piercings, types of body piercings, piercing names, ear, nose, tongue

Marine Agency has been a full-service independent insurance agency since 1990. For 31 years, we have offered both business and personal insurance coverage, from tattoos to piercings, spas, salons, electrology, and more. Body piercings are one form of coverage we offer, and there are multiple types of body piercings to choose from. From ear to nose and tongue piercings, Marine Agency is here to give a complete guide to body piercings.


Complete guide to body piercings, types of body piercings, piercing names, ear, nose, tongue

There are several types of specific ear-piercing names, two being the tragus and daith piercings. These two piercings are incredibly popular this year for their proposed migraine and headache relief. The tragus is that little piece of cartilage right next to your ear opening, connected to your cheek, and the daith piercing goes through the bump of cartilage above your ear canal. It’s a good idea to always consult with your doctor; however, many people have found relief from conditions such as depression and anxiety because of these two piercings. This is due to some health conditions responding to vagus nerve stimulation; these piercings apply constant pressure to the vagus nerve.

With any piercing, a margin of pain is expected depending on the client’s pain threshold. These two piercings are made with a needle instead of a gun, adding to the pain expected. Three to six months is typical when looking at healing time. The average cost of a tragus and daith piercing ranges from $25-$50, not including the earring itself or the cleaning solution needed to ward off infection during recovery.


Complete guide to body piercings, types of body piercings, piercing names, ear, nose, tongue

Many styles of nose piercings exist, the three most common ones are the nostril, high nostril, and septum piercing. The septum piercing is also known as a “bull ring,” referencing the ring clipped into a bull’s nose to handle it at cattle shows. All of these piercings come with a level of pain and the possibility of infection. Four to six months is typical for a nose piercing to fully heal with proper care.


Complete guide to body piercings, types of body piercings, piercing names, ear, nose, tongue

There are a variety of different tongue piercings, two of the most popular ones being the middle tongue piercing and the venom piercing. The middle tongue piercing is placed in the middle of the tongue as a single stud. The venom piercings are two separate studs placed towards the front of the tongue, equal distance apart. The venom piercing is different from a snake piercing in that the snake piercing is two piercings placed on the front edge of the tongue — like snake eyes. The mouth and tongue are sensitive areas of the body and are prone to more possibility of an allergic reaction from different metals in the studs. The mouth is also a moist environment, posing as a possible breeding ground for any infection that may occur after the piercing. Biting incorrectly on a tongue piercing may also incur unwanted teeth damage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tragus and daith piercings may help treat migraines, depression, and anxiety
  • Any piercing comes with the risk of infection, rejection, scarring, and allergic reactions
  • All piercings require aftercare and regular cleaning during the healing process
  • Tongue piercings are placed in a rather sensitive region of the body and can incur a higher rate of nerve damage

Owning a tattoo or piercing parlor has unique injuries and incidents that may occur. Securing insurance coverage with Marine Agency provides you and your business with the highest level of protection. For more information, visit our website or contact us today

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