This is What Can Go Wrong During Oral Piercings  

It’s no secret that body modifications are one of the most popular ways that people across the country choose to express themselves. Just like fashion, changing hairstyles and makeup –body piercings offer people a great form of self-expression without the long-term commitment of tattoos. Oral piercings look cool and are highly-desired opens in a new window by people of all ages but as a tattoo and body shop professional, it’s important to understand the risk of oral piercings complications. In addition to general swelling and discomfort, when oral piercings are not done correctly there can be major consequences for your client and your shop.

What Can Go Wrong with Oral Piercings?

With a clear idea of everything that could go wrong, you can ensure that everyone in your shop does their best to minimize common oral piercings complications and that each client leaves your shop happy. Some of the most common risks involved with oral piercings include:

Oral Piercing Infections

The mouth is a moist and active environment that is a home and breeding ground for a ton of different kinds of bacteria. With so much bacteria hanging out in the mouth, the risk of oral piercing infections is very high. If not cared for properly, oral piercings can result in infection, pain, and swelling. Additionally, there is a possibility for certain piercings to cause the tongue to swell and potentially block your client’s airway.

This is What Can Go Wrong During Oral Piercings  

Damaged Teeth

While it is totally understandable that clients may occasionally get the urge to play with their oral piercings, it’s best to do everything you can to warn them of the dangers associated in absentmindedly biting and playing with their jewelry. This bad habit can result in a myriad of different dental issues including injured gums, cracked or scratched tooth enamel, damaged fillings and sensitive teeth.

Nerve Damage

Some of the biggest tongue piercing risks include nerve damage and blood loss. Tongue piercings are typically accompanied by a small amount of nerve damage that can leave the tongue feeling temporarily numb and an increase in saliva production. However, there are certain cases where nerve damage can be permanent, affecting the way people taste their food and how they move their mouths. If there is any damage done to the blood vessels during a tongue piercing, serious blood loss is also a possibility.

This is What Can Go Wrong During Oral Piercings  


It is possible for some clients to experience a hypersensitivity to certain metals or other materials used in piercing jewelry. Because the mouth is such a sensitive area, clients can experience allergic reactions at the piercing site as well. In these cases, education is extremely important and discussing jewelry options beforehand is the easiest way to avoid a more serious health issue.

How Can You Protect Your Business?

One of the first steps to protecting your business from expensive liability claims opens in a new window is to invest in an insurance policy that fits your specific needs. Additionally, some of the biggest risks associated with oral piercings can also be avoided with proper aftercare education for your clients. When your clients are made aware of all of the different risks associated with the oral piercing of their choice, chances are that they will take their new body modification seriously. When searching for the best insurance policy to fit your needs, remember that oral piercings can result in a number of different health issues, including:

  • Infection, swelling, and pain
  • Damage to nerves, teeth, and gums
  • Hypersensitivity to metals can also lead to pain and discomfort

So in addition to investing in a comprehensive tattoo and body piercing insurance policy, make sure that you take the time to go over aftercare steps with each client. Want to learn more about the benefits of investing in total insurance protection for your small business? Visit the friendly and knowledgeable team at Marine Agency Insurance online today to get a quote.

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