Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means that it is officially time to start planning how you’re going to prepare your turkey dinner. With visions of a fantastic feast in their heads, many homeowners across the US will either attempt to make a fried turkey this year or crank up the oven for a more traditional bird. While it is always good to plan ahead, your experienced local agents at Marine Agency want to caution you about the potential fire hazards that accompany a burnt turkey. Before you start cooking this Thanksgiving, put the safety of your loved ones first and protect your home with comprehensive fire insurance coverage.

Don’t Let Your Thanksgiving Go Up in Smoke

While no one wants to end up with a burnt turkey on Thanksgiving, homeowners should be more concerned about certain fire risks on this family holiday. Each year in the US, fire insurance claims spike on Thanksgiving Day, meaning that even the most careful homeowners can accidently put their family’s safety at stake.

Unlike The Fourth of July or New Years Eve —where fireworks are common— Thanksgiving seems like a more low-key and risk-free holiday. But the opposite is true! In fact, studies conducted by a major national insurance provider show that more cooking fires happen on Turkey Day than any other day of the year. Studies also show that deep frying a turkey is much more dangerous than any other cooking method.

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Avoid a Fire This Year: Safe Turkey Frying Tips

If you’re attempting to fry your turkey this Thanksgiving, follow these helpful tips to ensure your family’s safety and keep your dinner from going up in smoke!

Always fry your turkey outdoors. Never fry your turkey in the garage, out on a wooden deck or close to your home. If possible, place the fryer on a concrete surface that is located far away from any combustible items.

Use a frying oil that has a higher smoke point, like peanut or canola oil.

Don’t overfill the fryer. If the oil spills over or the turkey is too large, flames can engulf the fryer or any innocent bystanders.

Always do a water test before pouring oil into the fryer. Put the turkey into the fryer before it’s seasoned. Then, fill it with water and mark the water level. Dry the fryer thoroughly and fill it about an inch shy of your watermark.

Thaw the turkey completely before frying and season with a dry rub to prevent excess water from entering the fryer.

Don’t leave the fryer unattended. Although you may be tempted to sneak inside to watch the parades or a few football passes, make sure the fryer is manned at all times.

Remember that they fire will stay hot (and dangerous) for several hours after cooking. Keep pets and children inside even after your turkey is done.

Always keep a fire extinguisher handy. If a fire does erupt, never try putting out the flames with water. Water can’t put out a grease fire and can make the hot oil splatter violently. If the fire is small, try to use a fire extinguisher and dial 911 for assistance in case the blaze cannot be contained.


Prepare for the Unexpected with Total Insurance Coverage

The best defense against a burnt turkey and possible fire damage this Thanksgiving is to make sure you’re prepared for anything that life can throw at you. Don’t get caught without the right level of protection when you need it most! Keep your family safe this Thanksgiving and review your homeowner’s insurance policy today or talk to your independent insurance agents at Marine Agency to discuss your fire insurance and umbrella insurance options.

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