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Your valuable electronics enable you to work at home, enhance your social life and help you have fun. They’re also easy targets for thieves who can quickly unload them at pawn shops and via private buyers. That’s why you need home insurance and five protective tips. Together, these proactive strategies protect your electronic devices from theft.

1. Hide Your Electronics

You probably don’t think about putting your laptop or DVD player under lock and key when it’s in your home. However, thieves can see the devices you leave in plain sight on the counters, on your outdoor patio or in your unlocked vehicle. So, hide your electronics and destroy the boxes they came in, too.

2. Lock the Doors

From your front entrance to the windows, ensure your home is locked tight when you leave the house and when you’re at home. Also, remember to lock the garage, basement and attic entrances.

3. Install LoJack

Protect your laptop, tablet and smartphone by installing LoJack. It won’t lower your home insurance rates, but it does protect sensitive data by locking thieves out of your device or erasing important files. LoJack also assists police in locating your device even if the hard drive is wiped clean or the device is factory reset.

4. Use Password Protection

Remembering passwords is a pain. Don’t give your device permission to remember them for you, though, because thieves could then access your sites. Protect your passwords and encrypt them to prevent anyone but you from accessing your device.

5. Record Important Device Data

The police won’t be able to find your stolen electronics if they don’t have important data such as serial numbers, makes and models. Record this important information and keep it with your sales receipts in a secure location such as your home safe.

6. Buy Home Insurance

Even if the police can find your stolen devices, your electronics may be too damaged to use. Your home insurance policy covers either the actual cash value or the replacement cost of your electronics, so be sure you have adequate insurance.

At Marine Agency, we specialize in protecting all of your personal property… including home electronics. Give us a call today or as soon as you purchase new electronics. Ensure that your home insurance policy is adequate for your needs as you protect your electronics from theft.

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