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With St. Patrick’s Day here, many of our thoughts are turning to anything that reminds us of the Great Emerald Isle. Not only do we dye rivers green, have lavish parades, and drink copious amounts of Guinness, we are also entertained by Irish Step dancers. Not many of us are talented enough to engage in this difficult activity. But, for those who are, it is important to be adequately covered by either performers or dance studio insurance in case there is an accident or injury during a performance.

Dangers of Irish Step Dancing

All dancing is physically demanding. It requires a great deal of physical skill and attention to detail. Part of the beauty of Irish step dancing is the intricate footwork that the dancers perform. However, the intricacies of Irish step dance moves also make this type of performance dangerous for those who engage in it. In just one Irish step dancing company that was studied over a seven-year period, 30 percent of the dancers developed stress fractures, 11 percent had pain in their knees, 6 percent developed heel pain, and 80 percent had multiple injuries. The study also found that as the dancer’s level increased, the frequency and severity of the injuries also increased.

The Effects of Irish Step Dancing

Some of the most common moves in Irish Step dancing involve landing with a great amount of force, and a lot of muscle contraction. With this, it is easy for a dancer’s body to wear down from the excessive use and become vulnerable to many injuries. Ankles are common victims of Irish Dancing because they are repeatedly subjected to withstanding the constant force that is created by the dance moves. The force that is created is often several times more than a dancer’s body weight.

Other Types of Injuries

Not only can Irish Step dancers sustain injuries while they are practicing their steps,  but they can also get injured during performances as well. In performances, dancers are going “all-out” with the moves they have practiced so hard to perfect. Since performances are often done at a site that is different from the practice studio, the stage’s surface can be different, which can lead to injury. Unfortunately, one small wrong move can turn a complicated step from a success to a failure in the blink of an eye. The result can be anything from a sprained ankle to a broken leg or even worse.

How can dance studios be protected?

Dance studios need to be protected when their dancers sustain injuries or have accidents. Having adequate dance school insurance can be the difference between staying in business or having to close the business. Dance studio insurance provides coverage for studios and dance schools in the event a student or another performer is injured while they are dancing in class, a sanctioned event for the school, or in other instances where the studio can be held liable.

Not only can dancer insurance for studios help in the event of an accident or mishap, but it can also be beneficial if the studio is sued. The right dancer coverage insurance plan can help to defray the costs associated with a lawsuit. Generally, dance studio insurance covers the owner of the studio as well as dance instructors, directors, and other employees.

How can individual dancers be protected?

Irish Step dancers, whether they are professionals or amateurs, need to be protected when injuries occur. One of the best ways to be protected is through a performer’s insurance policy. Many dance performers, including Irish step dancers, believe that their studio’s insurance is sufficient enough to cover them in case of an accident. But, this scenario is not always true. Dancers need to make sure they are covered when the studio’s insurance is not enough. They can do this by obtaining a performer’s insurance policy.

Performer insurance covers an individual dancer who is injured during a rehearsal or performance. The performer is also covered if he or she is responsible for damage to someone else’s property or injures someone during a performance. Performer’s insurance can also help cover the costs associated with any lawsuits that are brought about against the dancer who holds a policy.

All dancers are at risk for obtaining an injury, but Irish Step dancers have a higher risk than others. Whether you own a studio that teaches Irish Step dancing, or you are an Irish Step dancer, you need to be proactive in your protection. Be sure to be adequately covered with an insurance policy that meets your needs.

If you need help choosing the right policy, Marine Agency can help you. We’re an experienced insurance agency that offers some of the best insurance for performers and dance studios. They are both customizable to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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