Specialty performer’s insurance, group performer insurance, do performers need insurance, COVID-19 pandemic, disease outbreak, coverage, magicians

In the face of one of the most catastrophic health events of our lifetime, the way in which we do many things has officially changed. Indeed, no matter how much we wish it would disappear, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be here to stay, at least for the time being. Despite the fact that many people were able to easily transition to working from home, for others, working from home is not at all feasible. In fact, there are plenty of entertainers and performers whose entire livelihoods depend on being able to appear before a live audience in order to make their money. Nevertheless, this does not make them exempt from adhering to social distancing restrictions and other precautions. Luckily, performers’ insurance can still play a role in helping to keep performers of all kinds protected during these most uncertain times. With that in mind, the following is a closer look at the performer’s insurance and social distancing.


Specialty performer’s insurance, group performer insurance, do performers need insurance, COVID-19 pandemic, disease outbreak, coverage, magicians

Do Performers Need Insurance?

Although many do not consider this until they are either doing business with performers or are becoming a performer themselves, performers actually need insurance for many reasons. Despite the fact that performers are here to bring us entertainment of all kinds, it does not come without its risks. With that in mind, performers need insurance for the following reasons:

  • Protect Assets: One of the top reasons performers need insurance is that they need to be able to protect their assets. For instance, magicians may need insurance to cover the costs of expensive equipment being used in their acts, to avoid unexpected costs that can occur as a result of a simple mishap.
  • Protect Health: One unfortunate thing about being a performer is that you don’t get paid if you cannot perform. Given that suitable insurance for performers and entertainers is still a work in progress, protecting your physical health is of the utmost importance. Anything from a slip and fall to a disease outbreak can greatly hinder one’s ability to perform. No matter if you’re practicing great social distancing and hygiene, the fact that you perform before a live audience puts you at an increased risk as compared to other professions.
  • Ward off Lawsuits: Lastly, mishaps of all kinds can also lead to lawsuits. By purchasing performer’s insurance, you will have a way to respond to lawsuits of all kinds.

Group Performer Insurance

Specialty performer’s insurance, group performer insurance, do performers need insurance, COVID-19 pandemic, disease outbreak, coverage, magicians

Similarly, if you are performing in groups, you are at risk based on the simple fact that you work with others, as well as the fact that you have to perform in various locations in front of an audience. While practicing good social distancing and hygiene is ideal, there is no way to ensure that everyone is doing their part. Group performer insurance will allow you to be protected as an individual, as well as a member of a group. Similarly, specialty performer’s insurance is a similar type of coverage that covers those who specialize in uncommon performances such as circus acts, daredevils, etc. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the more dangerous the performance, the harder it will be to get good coverage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Performers face unique challenges that require specialty insurance.
  • All performers should have some type of performer’s insurance.
  • The best insurance is protecting yourself by adhering to safety standards, such as social distancing restrictions.

Performer’s Insurance and Social Distancing

To sum it all up, due to the nature of their jobs, performers of all kinds need extra insurance coverage to ensure they are protected against almost anything. Nevertheless, the best type of insurance involves learning to protect yourself as much as possible. Therefore, performers need to learn to adhere to all safety precautions, and, in this age, this includes things such as social distancing restrictions and hygiene precautions. Either way, purchasing performer’s insurance from reputable companies like Marine Agency Corp., is a great way to ensure that you are prepared to face any and everything that comes your way. You can contact the Marine Agency Corp. at 877-959-1197 or online to receive a quote.

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