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While getting a tattoo is a personalized experience, many people like to draw inspiration for their next inking from popular trends. Seeing the styles and options that other people are getting can help to spark ideas for your next tattoo, or discover a tattoo trend to avoid. Here’s a look ahead at the newest tattoo trends for 2020, in case you’re thinking about adding to your collection this year.

Ultra Realism

The growing popularity of hyper color tattoos is only going to increase in 2020 as more artists master the single-needle style. Also called micro-tattooing, these ink patterns are so realistic that it looks like a photograph was stamped onto the skin. This type of tattoo idea provides more color and design options than tattoos fans have ever seen before, and their popularity is only going to keep increasing.


Adding layer and depth to the eyebrows through microblading is also growing in popularity as we head into 2020. Unlike eyebrow tattoos, microblading is semi-permanent, because pigments are used instead of inks, which makes it a more attractive option for many. There are a lot of beauty specialists who have become so skilled at the technique that they can create hair strokes that look incredibly realistic.

Minimalist Designs

While ultra-realistic tattoos with splashes of vibrant color are getting more and more popular on the one hand, a lot of tattoo artists report that minimalist tattoos are on the rise as well. These feature designs with thin, single lines and plain black ink. Along with the minimalist design, many are opting for tattoos of modern objects in the minimalist style. These are popular with millennials especially, so if you see a simple tattoo of a coffee cup, a window frame, or something else that seems a bit ironic, the minimalist trend is where that comes from. This tattoo trend might not be for those who only want tattoo ideas with meaning, but they are fun and usually inexpensive.

Peekaboo Designs

In previous years, tattoos were often in areas that were either completely visible or intentionally hidden. The newer trend is the peekaboo design — tattoos that are partially visible and partially hidden under clothing. Maybe the strategic placement of these is designed to make the tattoo a conversation starter?

Best tattoo designs, tattoo ideas with meaning, 2020 tattoo ideas, tattoo trends to avoid, newest tattoo trends, worst tattoo trends

Blended Styles

Tattoo artists and people getting tattoos are constantly searching to create the next best tattoo designs that are unique to them. As a result, we’re seeing a lot of blended styles. For example, you’ll be seeing more grunge-style tattoos that start out with a minimalist design — but with splashes of colorful pastels added in. Other popular trends include tattoos with a background of simple geometric shapes (minimalist) with colorful nature scenes in the foreground (ultra-realist).

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  • Ultra-realistic tattoos with a huge range of color options trending in 2020
  • Blended styles growing in popularity
  • Microblading and other cosmetic tattoos grow increasingly popular
  • Peekaboo designs aren’t going away anytime soon

While tattoo designs and styles can trend in one direction or another each year, there’s one constant in the business: You need tattoo insurance to protect your business from liability and personal injury lawsuits, property protection and more. Contact Marine Agency today to get a quote on the specialty insurance we provide to tattoo parlors and artists.

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