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The Best Tattoo Placement Spots for the Professional Workplace [Infographic]

While you may understand that every tattoo —from the teeniest hearts to a major back piece— is a work of art, that doesn’t mean that all employers opens in a new window are going to feel the same way. Most people get inked because they want to show their special piece of artwork to the world. But plenty of people love that their tattoos are placed in spots that are meant for their eyes only. In fact, there are plenty of areas on the body where you can display your art but keep it hidden away from others as well. This is ideal for anyone who wants to invest in a well-designed tattoo, while still being able to throw on their power suit and take on the corporate world.

The Best Tattoo Placement Spots for the Professional Workplace

First impressions on the job are extremely important in certain industries and because of this, most people have been preparing for the job interview process since their early teens. But even the most polished and most appropriate applicant for the job, may not be hired if their tattoos are deemed to be offensive or visible while in uniform.

Even if you’re not a fan of entering the corporate world or you don’t care for dressing conservatively, knowing the best spots for a hidden tattoo opens in a new window can be beneficial.

The Best Tattoo Placement Spots for the Professional Workplace

Back or Back of the Shoulder

Back tattoos can easily be hidden by regular everyday wardrobe items and a corporate suit. Whether you go for a smaller tattoo or decide to go all in on a large back piece, in most cases employees never have to show their back to the boss. To better ensure that a back tattoo doesn’t show, it’s important to avoid open back tops or low back dresses in a professional workplace.

Inner Wrist

Inner Wrist Tattoo

This is an ideal spot for a tattoo that works well in the workplace because it is lower on the pain scale and can easily be concealed by a dress shirt sleeve. Smaller inner wrist tattoos can even be covered up with a watch, a few bracelets or a quick swipe of liquid foundation and powder in a pinch.

Rib Cage

While this area of the body is notoriously higher on the pain scale for tattoos, it offers the perfect canvas for a hidden tattoo that you only break out with certain clothing items. Whether you choose a larger piece or something small and compact, the rib cage is a spot where people have complete control over who can take a peek at their work.

Foot and Ankle Area

Tattoo on Foot

For anyone that really wants to hide away their tattoos by day but occasionally display them by night, the foot and ankle area is the perfect sport for an appropriately sized piece. Depending on footwear requirements for the job, most people never have to worry about their feet making an appearance in the boardroom.

Placement is Key for Workplace Appropriate Tattoos

If people are willing to take the advice of the professionals and work with their tattoo artist on size, placement and content, it can be easy and rewarding to work on a “hidden” tattoo that meets workplace standards. When considering a tattoo that is appropriate for the workplace, remember to:

  • Choose a spot that can easily be covered with everyday clothing.
  • Placement is important for smaller work areas like the lower neck and shoulders.
  • If you’re looking for a versatile placement spot, try the inner wrist, rib cage or foot/ankle area.

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