Conch Piercing

The conch piercing, also known as a human shell piercing, has been around for years. But now, like laser hair removal and tattoos, it is more popular than ever. What is a conch piercing, and should you get one? Let’s find out! 

Picture of Someone Getting a Conch Piercing

What Is a Conch Piercing?

Your ears have an inner and outer conch — a name derived from the ear’s resemblance to a conch shell. An inner conch piercing will be made in the center of your ear; an outer conch piercing is made on the outer edge of your ear’s cartilage.

Some anecdotal evidence suggests that conch piercings help relieve migraines

A conch piercing is achieved with the help of a needle or a dermal punch. This depends on the size of the jewelry you commonly wear.  

The Process

Whether you get a needle piercing or a dermal punch, the process looks similar. 

First, your piercer will sterilize your ear. This is an important step to help prevent infections. Next, they will mark the part of the ear that is going to be pierced. You will be asked to confirm the correct placement. 

During the third step, they will use either a needle or a dermal punch to pierce through your conch. After that, your jewelry will be fitted into the pierced ear. 

The piercer will use pressure to manage the bleeding, after which they will clean your ear again. 

How Much Does a Conch Piercing Hurt?

While pain is subjective, keep in mind you are likely to experience pain during the process, after the process, and during the next few months as you go through the healing process. 

Given how thick the cartilage is, a needle piercing could take anywhere from six to nine months time to heal properly. However, the healing process for a dermal punch piercing could even extend to a year. 

Hygiene and minimal interference are key to speeding this process along. Infections, swelling, and piercing bumps are more likely to occur when your wound is not properly cared for. 

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Ready to Take the Pierce?

Now that you know what a conch piercing is, are you ready to get one yourself? 

All you have to do is find an experienced piercer who knows what they are doing. Equip yourself with essential information about piercings, tattoos, and essential hygiene practices before you choose to see a professional. Knowledge is key to ensuring you find a reputable artist. 

Head on over to our blog today and learn more about the different types of piercings and how to get them!

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