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Wouldn’t it be amazing if your hobby turned into your job? This is something maybe people have been able to do, one example is yoga. If you love practicing yoga, then teaching it could be incredibly rewarding and financially profitable, but it comes with certain risks. In addition to common business risks, you also have to consider what could happen if a student was injured during one of your classes. Thankfully, there’s business insurance for yoga studios that can help protect you from many of the risks that come with teaching this spiritually lucrative venture.

What Sorts of Risks are Yoga Studios Exposed To?

Yoga studios need insurance for one simple reason. They’re exposed to risks like any other business, and the number of risks they face can be surprising. As just a small sampling, consider the following possibilities:

  • A natural disaster could damage or destroy a studio’s building
  • An instructor could cause a car accident on the way to teaching an off-site class
  • A student could sustain serious injuries during a class
  • A thief could steal yoga mats and other supplies
  • An instructor could be accused of stealing another teacher’s copyrighted material

Any of these could leave a studio or instructor financially devastated, and this is only a small sample of what could happen. If there’s no insurance in place, a studio that faces one of these incidents could be forced to declare bankruptcy and close. Instructors can be similarly affected.

What Kind of Insurance Do Yoga Instructors Need?

Since yoga studios and instructors face multiple risks, they need business insurance policies that come with more than one coverage. Business owners policies are multi-coverage policies that meet basic businesses’ coverage needs, but many studios are better off with a commercial package policy that offers some more robust protection.

In a commercial package policy that’s specifically designed to provide insurance for a yoga studio, there may be several important protections. We outline the different types of business insurance for yoga studio below.

Business Insurance For Your Yoga Studio 

Commercial property coverage helps protect a business’ assets against disasters and theft. The coverage can be applied to buildings, equipment and supplies, as well as inventory that a studio might sell. Exactly what disasters a policy covers are detailed in the coverage’s paperwork.

General liability coverage is a protection that most businesses need. Should a business be found for a common accident that results in injuries, such as a slip-and-fall accident, this coverage may compensate the injured party. Coverage usually applies only to third parties and not employees. General liability also covers defamation lawsuits and might pay legal fees associated with a copyright infringement case.

Professional liability coverage protects professionals in the event that they make an error while working. The best yoga teacher insurance policies have this because instructors are acting as professionals. If they give wrong advice to a student, they might be held liable.

Participant liability coverage provides compensation in the event that a student is injured during a yoga session. Sometimes injuries aren’t the fault of an instructor but the instructor might still be sued. This coverage can help cover such situations.

Find Insurance For a Yoga Studio

If you own a yoga studio or teach classes through one, find the best yoga teacher insurance for your business. The insurance should have several coverages, including:

  • Commercial property coverage
  • General liability coverage
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Participant liability coverage

For help finding insurance for a yoga studio, contact an agent at Marine Agency Insurance. Our team members can help assess your particular risk exposure and find a robust policy that has all of the insurance coverages you and your studio need. 

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