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Marine Agency is proud to announce that we’re The Hartford’s exclusive insurance agent for tattoo studio workers’ compensation coverage throughout the USA!

If you’re a tattoo shop owner, you should be taking the time to ensure that all of your artists are appropriately trained and protected by purchasing workers’ compensation insurance. With that in mind, the following is an overview of the benefits you’ll receive by purchasing workers’ comp for tattoo studios through The Hartford.

workers comp insurance for a tattoo shop, coverage, employees, injured, state, business, services, policy, type, pay, protect

Why Do Tattoo Shops Need Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

Purchasing workers comp coverage is an essential type of business insurance. It is created to protect your tattoo artists on the job. In many instances, this type of coverage will cover the cost of any damages or medical care that occur as a result of a work-related injury or illness. This could be if an employee accidentally punctures their arm or contracts a blood-borne illness.

Perks for The Hartford Customers

When purchasing workers’ compensation insurance for tattoo studios from Marine Agency, The Hartford customers also receive a reap of other benefits including:

Shoes for Crews®

The Shoes for Crews® program offers discounts on slip-resistant footwear ranging between 15 percent to 25 percent off! These shoes can help prevent slips and falls and other related accidents that may occur on and around your premises. Participating in this program can drastically boost the safety of your tattoo studio.

Background Employment Screening

Additionally, The Hartford customers also benefit from the Accurate Background Employment Screening program. This program was created to provide tattoo shops and other business owners with employment-related services at a discounted price. These services include drug testing, background checks, and employment/license verification. Taking advantage of this can allow tattoo shop owners to minimize the paperwork associated with onboarding new clients while also reducing various risks related to hiring practices. For example, if you have a tattoo shop that involves new and experimental tattoo methods, you will want to invest in workers comp insurance. This is because your tattoo artists will be more likely to have an accident when they are learning new techniques.

The Herman Miller® Program

Lastly, the Herman Miller® Program offers access to special pricing on premium-quality ergonomic office furniture. Taking advantage of this program can allow businesses to help boost office productivity, improve the work environment, and may even reduce workers’ compensation, health, and disability claims.

workers comp insurance for a tattoo shop, coverage, employees, injured, state, business, services, policy, type, pay, protect

Key Takeaways:

  • Workers’ compensation insurance is essential as it protects your employees from work-related accidents and injuries.
  • Purchasing workers’ comp insurance from the Marine Agency allows tattoo shops to participate in the Herman Miller® Program, the Accurate Background Employment Screening Program, and more!

Ready to Purchase Workers Comp Insurance Coverage?

It’s imperative to not get caught without workers’ compensation coverage. Here at Marine Agency, we offer affordable workers’ compensation insurance for tattoo studios and other businesses throughout the United States. Ready for more information? Give us a call today

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