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A party isn’t a success unless you feature music that everyone will love and enjoy. DJs add joy to every events such as concerts, weddings, parties and more, while encouraging everyone to have a good time. But as anyone who has ever been out to a party knows, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Whether your expensive equipment gets damaged or something from your vehicle is stolen, as a DJ you operate at a high risk for a number of different issues. Whether you’ve never considered investing in DJ insurance before or your business is growing and you find it’s time to revisit your current policy, comprehensive insurance for a DJ should be a top priority.

Why Do DJs Need Insurance?

From the outside looking in on the life of a DJ, it may seem like there is very little risk in running your small business. However, no one knows more than a professional DJ just how much all of your specialized equipment actually costs. If you use any of the following pieces of equipment, you need to invest in the right DJ equipment insurance policy to make sure each item is better protected against damage or theft.

These valuable DJ necessities are very vulnerable to damage on the job and theft:

  • Turntables
  • Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Microphones
  • DJ Mixer
  • Amps & Speakers
  • Stereo Cables

DJ Insurance - Do You Need It?

Common Risks Covered by Insurance for DJs

One of the greatest risks that a DJ is subjected to is the possibility of damaged equipment when moving these items from gig to gig. Each time you load up your gear in your vehicle, you are placing these expensive items at risk of theft or damage. Replacing these items out of pocket can be extremely expensive and for some, not completely possible. Without special insurance for a DJ, this could mean that your business suffers and your bottom line takes a huge loss.

Potential lawsuits are also something every small business owner needs to protect against, even musicians. While it may seem like something that would never happen, as a DJ you are at risk of causing third-party bodily injury to others or property damage. When you’re setting up your equipment for an event, you are at risk of harming another person if things aren’t set up properly or possibly damaging something at the venue. DJ liability insurance covers the cost of medical bills associated with any bodily injuries, repair or replacement of damaged property and your legal expenses if a lawsuit is filed.

Additional Insurance Coverage Options

Because of the unique nature of your job, you may want to consider several other unique insurance options, including:

  • Inland Marine Insurance – This insurance option specifically protects your gear from theft or damage as you move it from venue to venue.
  • Crime Protection Insurance – There may come a time when you work with a dishonest venue owner and don’t get paid for your services or someone at the venue could steal an important piece of equipment. In instances like these, this insurance option can help provide reimbursement for your losses. 

Protect Your DJ Business with Comprehensive Coverage Today

If you’re still on the fence about the importance of DJ business insurance, take a look at these key takeaways before investing your next policy.

  • DJ equipment is at a high risk of damage or theft when being transported from location to location.
  • Paying out of pocket to replace damaged or stolen equipment is costly.
  • Liability coverage protects you small business in the event of a lawsuit.

With the help of our experienced agents, we can help you find the right amount of DJ insurance coverage to meet your needs and your budget. Call 800-763-4775 with any questions or visit Marine Agency Insurance online today to get started. Our industry experts are happy to give you more information on our DJ insurance policies or any of our other business insurance coverage options.

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